"It's not about how you start in life, you have the POWER to choose how you finish."

    - Meiko Taylor, Founder

Youth who are most at risk often struggle to see beyond their current circumstances, leaving them with little opportunity to take steps necessary to plan for their future.

The Power Project seeks to reduce juvenile delinquency and victimization by helping young people build on the strengths they already have and equipping them with tools to set goals and transition into adulthood in a positive way.  We encourage them to challenge their beliefs, values and attitudes and re-write their own narratives.  Our unique CSEC Prevention and Youth Success training programs act as a conduit to drive these outcomes.  


We exist to inspire youth to recognize their POWER, overcome challenges, and create success.  


Our Impact

We serve schools, community centers, social service organizations through our impactful programming: CSEC Prevention Training, Power Board (vision board) Workshops, and Motivational Talks.


Through past work with other agencies as well as current opportunities within

The Power Project, our Trainers have combined experience serving:







Our Trainers have served:


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"What a powerful presentation.  There is something extremely special about the way you connect."


- DPO Kimberly McKinney, LA County Probation, Compton, CA

"I would strongly recommend this program to any organization that serves at risk youth.  I loved the individual attention and caring that the team gave each girl, making them feel special and giving them hope for a better future."


- Rose White, Maryvale Group Home, Rosemead, CA

"You are such an inspiration!  I am so happy you came to help our kids.  You will not be forgotten."  


- Heather Connors, Heritage Group Homes, Glendora, CA


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